January 2021
US Server:
Game Background

At the early stage of the Birth of Universe, it was a total chaos. To take hold of this new born Universe, the GODS fought against one another, which was known as a fierce warfare. After centuries of struggles and chaotic warfare. Finally, the godly clan of Aesis, who is representing Wisdom and Justice, took control of this Universe and found the Cosmos. Meanwhile, after the long and fierce warfare, the Divine Weapon – “Sword of Seals” which was forged by the mighty power of all GODS was lost at a planet named “Tai Yi”. Unexpectedly, the mighty Sword merged itself with this magical planet, which changed the whole biological system within and gave birth to all sorts of creatures. Yet, before the clan of Aesis could take any action to reclaim this mighty sword, some powerful hidden evils in this Universe were plotting to absorb the mighty power from “Sword of Seals” at Planet “Tai Yi”. Those evil creatures brought death and disasters to this planet when they arrived, making the Planet “Tai Yi” a living hell. To stop the corruption of Planet “Tai Yi” causing by those evils, the godly clan of Aesis dispatched the bravest heroes of the clan to lead and protect the creatures at this planet. During the process, some of the heroes were infected and grew evil thoughts. And those corrupt heroes were also plotting to seize the power of “Sword of Seals” for their selfish desires. At the very moment of extreme peril, God Aesis came upon this planet “Tai Yi” himself in order to restore the leadership for those divine heroes he dispatched before. His arrival restored the order and secured this magical planet “Tai Yi”. And those heroes who came to this planet following the almighty God Aesis are called by the creatures at this planet as “Creators”, as they did make the planet “Tai Yi” a better world by giving the creatures of this planet a peaceful era of civilization. Overlords of War is a SLG Browser War Game. In the world filled with western mythology, players will enter the game as an almighty creator, leading the heroes and mankind to develop a whole new civilization!